These are posts and reviews about Lucerna, the solo show that is currently taking over the four floors of the amazing Odeon Foundation, in Bogota, Colombia:
Download PDF Catalogue (english/spanish)
Review at Esfera Publica (spanish)
Interview at Exclama (spanish)

And here, a couple of the new works included in the show:

A cloud trapped inside of a marble volume

All The Eyes Of The Universe
All the eyes from every Star Trek movie

La Clairvoyance

Statement - Contact info

The gap between the possible and the impossible, between reality and fiction, has been the creative territory from where my practice departs.
The repertoire of strategies is always expanding and includes means such as: the transmutation of materials; documentation of unorthodox actions; or, the actual deception of the eye without the use of post-production methods.
Then, these strategies interweave with a phenomenological approach committed to creation as a physical action in the world, as the embodiment of reality.
As every new experiment requires a different set of skills, a prominent amount of effort has been devoted towards the dialogue with others. The igniting spark comes always from unapologetic speculation, from the simple curiosity of asking “what if” to others and myself.
I consider my practice as a vindication of curiosity. I hope to find what is epic in the small, in what is obvious but somehow unnoticed, in a blink, in a falling leaf, in a newspaper, in a casual encounter.

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